AKINSOFT QR Menu Features

It has a user-friendly practical admin panel that allows you to log in to the admin panel with your own username and password from anywhere with an internet connection. You can define your products by creating your product categories via the QR menu admin panel, and you can create your QR code and place it on your tables, and open your new generation QR code menu instantly. You can transfer your menus to QR Menu in bulk with excel. In addition, QR Menu works with all devices with its advanced technological and dynamic infrastructure.


Your customers can access your menu by reading the QR code. They can order through the menu with the password you will create.

Sticker Menus

Stick the QR-coded stickers, share your menu via smartphone / tablets with the AKINSOFT QR Menu.

Alternative List Menu Option

If you don't have product images or images are not ready yet, you can create your QR Code menu as a list menu.

Structure that appeals to many sectors

AKINSOFT QR Menu is suitable for every business, to restaurants, cafes, patisseries, coffee shops and hotels.

Online Current Structure

Thanks to its online structure, changes you make to the menu and prices are instantly transferred to your mobile devices.

No Apps Required

Your customers do not need to download any apps to use the QR code menu.

Feedback System

You can get customer reviews with the advanced feedback system so that you can easily measure your service quality and satisfaction in your business.

Waiter Call, Valet Call, Check Request Features

By activating the relevant features in your QR menu, your customers can request an account without any hassle, call a waiter and easily pay the bill at their desk.

Advanced Product Variation System

By opening a single product card, you can easily create similar product descriptions.

Products, Categories, Units, Extra options

You can easily group the products in your menu by creating categories and units.

Social Media Accounts Option for Your Business

You can promote your social media accounts of your business via the QR menu and share them with your customers.

Easy Link Sharing for Your Menus

You can easily share your menu and services with your customers via messaging and social media applications.

Advanced Live Support System Specific to Your Panel

With the advanced live support system in the QR menu, you can benefit from the convenience of getting technical support whenever you need it.

Order Notification System

With the order notification sounds in the QR menu, you can easily send the orders by receiving notification as soon as the order is received.

Special Discount System for Tables in Your Business

You can increase customer satisfaction by making special discounts for the tables you want in your business.

Language Support

QR Menu provides language support for products and for many other information and explanation. You can release your menu in multiple language at the same time.

Adding Multiple Picture and Video

You can increase your products preferability by adding multiple picture and video content.

Allergen, Calorie and Preparation Time Information

You can give detailed information to your customers about the product by adding allergen, calorie and preparation information.

Product Tags

You can add your own tags to your products and highlight the product you want.

'Goes Well With It' Feature

By combining your products with each other, you can choose which product will be a better taste partner with which product for your customers.

Multi-Currency Support

You can price the products with the structure that supports the currencies of many countries. (TL, Euro, Dollar, etc.)

Product Copy Feature

To add a new product with similar content, you can copy an existing product and change its contents and get a new product in no time. This way, you can save time and work.

Whatsapp Order Feature (Branch specific)

You can receive orders via Whatsapp. In this way, your customers can deliver their orders to you from anywhere in the region they serve.

Announcement System (Branch specific)

By adding an announcement, you can inform your customers about discounts and campaigns.

Location Control on Orders (Branch specific)

You can choose from which distance order can be placed by entering your business location. In this way, you can get rid of unwanted order notifications.
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