AKINSOFT QR Menu Features

You can define your products by creating your product categories through the user-friendly practical QR Menu panel that allows you to log in to the management panel with your own user name and password from anywhere with an internet connection, and you can open your new generation QR menu immediately by creating your QR code and placing it on your tables.


Your customers can access your menu by reading the QR code. They can order through the menu with the password you will create.

Sticker Menus

Stick the QR-coded stickers, share your menu via smartphone / tablets with the AKINSOFT QR Menu.

Alternative List Menu Option

If you don't have product images or images are not ready yet, you can create your QR Code menu as a list menu.
Structure that appeals to many sectors
AKINSOFT QR Menu is suitable for every business, to restaurants, cafes, patisseries, coffee shops and hotels.
Online Current Structure
Thanks to its online structure, changes you make to the menu and prices are instantly transferred to your mobile devices.
No Apps Required
Your customers do not need to download any apps to use the QR code menu.
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