Show your products on your customers' mobile devices by moving your menu to digital environment with the New Generation QR Code Menu System for Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels.

QR Menu is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices.


What is QR Menu?

QR Menu is the system to show your products to your customers on a digital environment. When your guests or customers visit your facility where you serve the items using menus such as restaurants and cafes, it enables them to access the menu and place an order from their own devices by scanning the QR code on the tables so that you can provide them with a contact-free and hygienic service.

As it is known, humanity has been under the influence of a global pandemic that has affected the whole world since the beginning of 2020. QR Menu was developed precisely in this process. AKINSOFT QR Menu is suitable for many businesses such as restaurants, cafes, patisseries, coffee shops and hotels. With its contact-free, faster and easier use, QR Menu is the most important assistant of both businesses and customers.

You can define your products by creating your product categories via the user-friendly practical QR Menu panel, which allows you to log in to the admin panel with your own user name and password from anywhere with an internet connection, you can create your QR code and place it on your tables, and open your new generation data matrix menu for use instantly. That's all.

Let's also mention that you can transfer your menus to QR Menu in bulk with excel.

User Friendly Management Panel

You can create and open your QR Code menu within minutes.

Advanced Technological Design

It can work compatible with all devices with its new generation user friendly design concept.

Under AKINSOFT Assurance

Improved technical support service and constantly updated program infrastructure.

Why Should You Use AKINSOFT QR Menu?

First of all, AKINSOFT QR Menu has advanced technical support services and constantly updated program infrastructure offered with the assurance of Turkey's Software Brand AKINSOFT. Thanks to its online structure, changes you make on the menu and prices are instantly transferred to mobile devices. Therefore, it saves printing and cost. Also, customers do not need to download any app to use this service. With the feedback feature in the AKINSOFT QR Menu system, you can measure service quality and customer satisfaction by taking customer opinions.

You can make a difference by providing your customers services of requesting a check to their desk and calling the valet without any hassle, with QR Menu's waiter and valet call, and check requesting features. In addition, you can benefit from the convenience of getting technical support with the advanced live support system whenever you need it. In addition to all these, if you wish, you can make an important contribution to your corporate image by displaying your QR Code menu on your own domain.

Saves Cost of Printing

With QR Menu, move your menu to digital environment and avoid paying high prices to print and update the menu.

Hygienic and Contactless Use

You can increase your customer satisfaction by ending the classic menus that pass from hand to hand.

Customizable Address Structure

If you wish, you can make a positive contribution to your institutionality by displaying your QR Menu on your own domain.

Ability to Order

With QR Menu, customers can easily choose their own menu without waiting for a waiter.

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